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Proverbs diligence and laziness in contrast to wisdom and folly Essay

Proverbs diligence and laziness in contrast to wisdom and folly - Essay Example Through such an informed understanding, it is the hope of this particular author that the reader will gain a more informed understanding with respect to the differentials between laziness and diligence that are represented within the Bible. Perhaps the most famous quote from Proverbs that discusses the differential between laziness and diligence is as follow:" Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich." (Proverbs 10:4) Naturally, this text is not the only one within the book of Proverbs that deals with the issue of diligence as compared to laziness. Only two chapters later, Solomon has the following to say on this topic, â€Å"Work hard and become a leader;  be lazy and become a slave† (Proverbs 12:24). Finally, Solomon states, â€Å"Lazy people want much but get little,  but those who work hard will prosper† (Proverbs 13:4) The take away from each of these texts has to do with the fact that the positive attributes of diligence not only are rewarded after death; instead, they builds wealth, strength, and virtue within the immediate life of the individual who practices them.1 In seeking to analyze this particular dichotomy, the text in question An Essence of the Old Testament has the following to say regarding laziness: â€Å"Lazy behavior results in poverty while diligence results in wealth; however, poverty may also result from corruption and injustice†.2 This is a unique dynamic to discuss due to the fact that wealth is not always seen in terms of a positive connotation within the Hebrew Bible. Oftentimes, the wealthy are cast as those who are the farthest removed from the possibility of grace; as a direct result of their oftentimes arrogant attitudes.3 In helping to explicate this dichotomy to an even further degree, the authors of the text go on to note, â€Å"Proverbs contains a balanced view of wealth and poverty. Some

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Operation management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Operation management - Essay Example The main success of the company was drawn from the traditional management system and also the outstanding customer service as they believed the customer to be the greatest asset to a company. Their operations were mainly geared towards ensuring that the customers were satisfied and they looked for the best methods to ensure customer satisfaction. The employees within the organization had to work extra shifts to meet the demand of the customer in the organization. Delivery of service at the company had to be flawless and the customers had to have their services delivered on time making the process more difficult especially in the peak time when there was customer influx meaning that the processes involved increased due to the verification procedures. The company had to hire more workers on temporary basis to deal with the increase in the number of customers and also the inflows that were blowing out of hand for the employees at the company (Upton, 1997). The permanent employees also had to work extra shifts so as to meet the demands of the customers who had to get their insurance in order. The process that was involved in ensuring that the insurance forms were properly filled in and entered into the system was however marred with problems since the customers were at times not filling the form well. The problem of entering the wrong data into the systems was however more critical since the customers would be dissatisfied leading the directors to take a step and introduce the SPC model to sample the problem in the organization. The workers were not entirely amused but they had to abide by the directive and one of the directors Kluck hoped that the method would help in reducing the errors (Upton, 1997). The main reason for implementing the model to the company was mainly to understand the accuracy levels so as to come up with the best solutions to the problems that plagued the company. The SPC model was set up in such a way that each employee would

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Marcus Ang Is A Member From The Field Sales Section Essay Example for Free

Marcus Ang Is A Member From The Field Sales Section Essay Marcus Ang is a member from the field sales section. His sales performance in the recent months has been below target in contrast to his outstanding sales in the past years. Marcus blames it on the poor economic situation, however the other sales staff seem to able meet their target. How should Madam May May attribute Marcus’s performance? First of all, Madam May May has to know about what happened to Marcus. What causes him to blame the poor economic situation while the other sales staff still be able to meet their target. As we learn from the organization behavior, we know that employee’s behavior will affect the performance of an organization. According to Fritz Heider and H.H. Kelly, they stated that people’s behavior is affected by internal and external factors. On the other hand, Kelley’s attribution theory refers to three types of factors which are distinctiveness, consensus and consistency. Distinctiveness is about whether the subordinate’s behavior occur during the performance of this task only? Next, consensus is like whether this behavior unusual for the subordinate’s peers? Then, consistency is about if this behavior unusual for the subordinate in other situations? In this situation, Madam May May should first consider about the factor of consensus. As Marcus cannot be able to hit the target while other are able to reach their target. Next Madam May May should consider about locus of control dimension, which mean whether the primary cause of the behavior is a characteristic of the subordinate, or a characteristic of the situation. Second ,stability dimension whether the subordinate is likely to remain stable or unstable? The crossing of the locus of control and stability dimensions produces four casual factor that a leader can utilize to explain a subordinate’s behavior, ability , task difficulty , luck ,chance, effort.

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Essay --

MRSA among athletes Staphylococcus discovery started when it is first investigated and been observed also culture by Pasteur and Koch but were made by Ogston in 1881 and Rosenbach in 1884 (Ogston, 1882: Rosenbach, 1884). Staphylococcus aureus is well known as staph are bacteria that carried on the skin or nose of healthy people. About 25 to 50 per cent of people carried this staph according to research that being made. Most skin that infected by staph causes minor affect likes pimple but it can be cure without using an antibiotics. Sometimes, staph can cause serious problem for example pneumonia, blood or joint infections and deep skin infections. Usually athletes tend to get the infection anywhere equipment rubs and cause broken skin such as on the hands, knees or elbows for football, basketball or volleyball players or on the buttocks or sides of the legs for rowers. According to (Rosenbach), S. aureus were responsible for wound infections and furunculosis (Rosenbach, 1884). After that, surgeon being afraid of this microbe could infect the patient who doing surgeries. They believed that Staphylococcus can cause life threatening disease after trauma and fatal pneumonia during influenza season. Therefore, in pre-antibiotic era, S.aureus was known as major life-threatening pathogen. MRNA started to become world-wide problem in 1950 (Shanson, 1982; Cokkson and Philips, 1990). MRNA stands for methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus and this microbe are related to MRNA is staphylococcus aureus. S.aureus is a bacterium commonly found on skin, axillae and nares of healthy individuals. MRSA is the outbreak of skin infections caused by S.aureus which is resistance to antibiotics. During 1950, a new virulent strain of peni... ...self-inoculation’ from a carrier site or acquired by contact with an exogenous source, usually another person. People who are nasal carriers of virulent Staphylococcusaureus can also cause serious skin diseases due to toxin production. In addition, skin and soft tissue infections are also caused by MRSA. Therefore, the treatment involves drainage and this is usually sufficient for minor lesions, but antibiotics may be given in addition when the infection is severe and the patient has a fever. MRSA can be treated with enzyme-stable penicilins such as nafcilin. Isolates resistant to these compounds may be treated with vancomycin, linezolid, quinopristin-dalfoprisin, or daptomycin. (Goering et al. (2008).Treatment with this agent does not necessarily eradicate carriage of the staphylococci. Lastly, good skin care and personal hygiene should be encouraged.

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“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Ken Kesey Essay

Chief Bromden’s background has had a profound impact on his character. Society never treated him with the respect he deserved, and not being able to face up to it, he was forced into hiding out in a mental institution. The neglect from society throughout his life turned the Chief into a paranoid, insecure and reserved man. The reader gets a glimpse of Chief Bromden’s paranoia in the beginning of the novel. His paranoia mostly takes the form of hallucinations, he believes there are hidden machines in the hospital that physically and psychologically control the patients. â€Å"I creep along the wall quiet as dust in my canvas shoes, but they got special sensitive equipment detects my fear and they all look up, all three at once, eyes glittering out of the black faces,† this is a quote taken from pg.9, and it reveals the Chief’s way of looking at thing. Chief’s perspective reveals that the black boys become aware of his presence because of the special sensitive equipment that senses fear, but it may just be the way Chief is creeping along wall that makes the black boys stare at him the way they do. Chief’s paranoia is caused by his unwillingness to conform to society. He searches for reasons that he can apply to his everyday situations to help him cope with society. â€Å"One of these days I’ll quit straining and let myself go completely, lose myself in the fog the way some of the other Chronics have.† This quote, which can be found on pg.42, reveals another one of Chief’s hallucinations. The fog represents Chief’s medicated state and his need to hide from reality. When Chief does not want to deal with his surroundings he looses himself in the drugs and blames the Big Nurse for fogging up the place. The paranoia and hallucinations are caused because the Chief is unhappy with society and wants a form of escape, but as the story progresses and his mood changes to a more blissful tone the hallucination become more rare. Society’s lack of acknowledgment towards Chief Bromden has transformed him into a quite and reserved individual. â€Å"But I remembered one thing: it wasn’t me that started acting deaf; it was people that first started acting like I  was too Dumb to hear or see or say anything at all.† This quote from pg.178 confirms that Chief is quite and reserved because of the impact society has had on him. From pages 178-182 Chief talks of a time when he was ten years old, and three government officials came to see his father who was away at the time. Chief tries to talk to the officials but they act like they are unaware of his presence. This experience for Bromden creates a withdrawal from society, and encourages him to keep to himself because no one seems to care for what he has to say. Another reason why the Chief is so quite and reserved is because he feels safe. On pg.12 while hiding in the broom closet, he thinks back to a time when he and his father went hunting. â€Å"The bird is safe as long as he keeps still.† Here Bromden is talking about a bird that is being targeted by a dog, and how the bird is safe as long as the dog is unaware of its presence. Bromden is relating this experience to his current situation in the novel, he is trying to keep still in the broom closet so the black boys will not be able to find him. Chief Bromden is also insecure about himself. â€Å"No. I’m way too little. I used to be big, but not no more, you’re twice the size of me.† This is a quote from pg.186, the Chief is talking to McMurphy. Although Chief is really a lot bigger and stronger than McMurphy he feels as if he’s actually smaller and weaker. The reason why Chief Bromden feels this way is because no one gives him any respect. He does not feel as if he is important and this makes him feel small. McMurphy makes a deal with the Chief that he can make him as big and as strong as he used to be. McMurphy does this not by muscle building but by building up Chief’s self-esteem. On pg.190 McMurphy compliments the Chief, â€Å"Oh man, I tell you, I tell you, you’ll have women trippin’ you and beatin’ you to the floor.† After this compliment he pull’s of Chief’s bed sheet’s and says, â€Å"Look there, Chief. Haw. What’d I tell ya? You growed a half a foot already.† Chief Bromden is a normal human being, who has been criticized and torn down by society into a small worthless man. Because of the lack of acceptance in society the Chief turns to the mental institution where he is accepted no questions asked. However the institution is not able provide him with self-respect and worth he needs, but his friend McMurphy is. After spending  some time with McMurphy the Chief is able to regain a sense of himself as an individual.

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Describing all Phobias, but Particularly Coulrophobia and...

Introduction In this paper I will be describing phobias and fear, but more specifically coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) and Monophobia (the fear of being alone). I also will describe possible causes of phobias, the history of phobias, how fear is helpful in small amounts, what fear does to someone and how to defeat it. Fear is present in all people but some more than others and I would like to know why. The definition of a phobia is â€Å"an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something†. Phobias are never simple and often do not have a simple answers or cures, but there are ways of dealing with phobias. There are some treatments that can help you get over your fears. Phobias are not easy to get into without getting into very†¦show more content†¦you muscles also tighten up to allow you to run or fight with all your energy without getting a cramp or pulling a muscle. Being afraid is a natural way that our bodies prepare ourselves to make quick decisions a nd react upon these decisions without taking an excessive amount of time. There are other changes that also occurs when someone is experiencing fear, especially large amounts. The brain is very complex and has more than one hundred billion nerve cells which are all an intricate network in themselves. These cells create communications which is everything we sense, think, or do. Some of these communications lead to conscious thought and action, but others produce autonomic responses. when you are experiencing fear, your reactions are almost completely automatic so you don’t even know it is happening until it has. There are many parts of the brain than can be linked to experiencing or reacting to fear but the main parts responsible are: The Thalamus, the Sensory Cortex, the Hippocampus, the Amygdala and the Hypothalamus. The Thalamus decides where new sensory data should be sent (eyes, ears, mouth or skin.) The Sensory Cortex Interprets sensory data and the Hippocampus stores an d retrieves memories regarding the topic or situation to form a context. The Amygdala is much like the Hippocampus in the way that it stores traumatic memories, but it also recognises threats and determines emotions. The Hypothalamus is the last and final responder. The

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Racism And Nativism - 1083 Words

1. What is nativism and xenophobia and how are they being expressed in today’s society? (20 points) - Nativism is known as a policy in which protects native born people from immigrants that are seen to be a threat or dangerous. Xenophobia is an intense fear or prejudice against people from other nations. Nativism can be seen today when thinking about politics, President Trump wants to â€Å"build a wall† to keep the immigrants from coming into the united states because in his eyes and some others, they are considered to be dangerous. Xenophobia happens every day to those who are colored, something simple like walking down the street a woman might hold onto her purse in fear she might get robbed by them or, a colored person going into a store.†¦show more content†¦4. Why has a majority in the United States harbored such a long and deep distrust of Catholics? Explain what events, persons, or characteristics served to prolong such anti-Catholic behavior into the 20th century. (10 points) - The Native Americans and the Know-Nothing promoted anti-Catholicism, the Know-No thing made it their job to diminish the growth of Catholic power. Prejudices on anti-Catholicism was shown in textbooks at schools, showing priest living a luxury life while people were living in poverty and starving. Then in 1844, Philadelphia school board decided to except the Catholic bible during bible readings. This caused an uproar with an anti-Catholicism group demanding that the use of the Catholic Bible be kept out of public schools. This caused large crowds to gather, trying to find a solution. However, the crowd became too hectic and violence broke out. After was the election of 1855, Catholic voters were attacked and destroyed Catholic property. 5. How was anti-Semitism promoted in the United States during late 1800s and through World War II? (10 points) - One of the ways anti-Semitism was promoted was through Henry Ford, since Ford was a publisher he was able to print a document stating Jewish conspiracies plotting to destroy Christian civilization and create Jewish sovereignty. Ford had such a popular audience that many believed what he had wrote. Even after he retracted his document due to forgery he continued toShow MoreRelatedNativism and Racism after the Civil War663 Words   |  3 Pagesperspective in Nativism and Racism. Both of these ideologies have various differences with definite degrees being successful during the elements of American history. Elements contained by immigrant groups or policies such as the â€Å"Jim Crow Laws† or â€Å"Ku Klux Klan† have significantly reformed patterns within America’s settlements. The term â€Å"nativism† is appealed for ethnic, religious, cultural or racial reasons. It is also referred as discrimination based on where you come from. The upsurge of nativism was causedRead MoreAnti- Immigration Attitudes in America Essay608 Words   |  3 PagesThe ideologies of racism and nativism affect people by racially driven hate crimes and the overall human treatment of immigrants and foreigners today, and must be changed by first changing the anti-immigrant attitudes in America. The social structures of politics and laws affect both immigrants and U.S. citizens alike and can only be changed by reforming America’s immigration system. Racial prejudice and nativism are still social issues that define our present reality and affect us all. EverydayRead MoreThe Effects Of Nativism1490 Words   |  6 Pagesopportunity, their American Dream? As a result of concerns such as these, the belief in Nativism became strongly held by the American people, which was commonly showcased through family values, private organizations, and federal laws. However, Nativism wasn’t universal. Advocates for Chinese immigration, such as Mark Twain and Jane Addams, supported immigrant’s attempts at Americanized living, despite criticisms. Nativism originated from the belief and fear of the economic and social repercussions of ChineseRead MoreEth/125 Week61601 Words   |  7 Pages 5. The fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners is known as a. nativism. b. xenophobia. c. ethnocentrism. d. racism. 6. The most important force causing people to emigrate has been a. war. b. political repression. c. economic. d. religion. 7. Beliefs and policies favoring native-born citizens over immigrants is called a. racism. b. ethnocentrism. c. nativism. d. absolute deprivation. 8. Border deaths along the United States-MexicoRead MoreAfrican Authors And The African Diaspora1455 Words   |  6 PagesHunger by Marechera has been used as a secondary reference. The paper presents the various reactions highlighted in the works, and then seeks to analyse and argue for possible reasons for the presented reactions, touches upon the theme of African nativism, and most importantly analyses colonial power structures that still dominate the discourse in and about Africa. The following paragraph presents some illustrations of the reactions towards the English African diaspora characterised by Aidoo’s workRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Prejudice And Prejudice804 Words   |  4 Pagesof what prejudice means, Judice translates to judge in Latin, therefore the term â€Å"prejudice† literally translates into â€Å"pre-judgment†. There are innumerable forms of negative preconceived notions that exist in our world today, the biggest one being racism, which often is a stem of having anti-immigration views. Immigration prejudice is not unknown to any person who lives in America and has eyes and ears to know it exists, but it’s important to know that prejudice is not innate, it is learned, and asRead More History of Latino/a Immigration to the U.S. Essay1475 Words   |  6 Pagesmyths provides a realization that it is important not to formulate polices based on preconceptions of racialized groups. Therefore, reforming immigration policies is a complex issue and must be handled properly without any racism or nativism. Creating policies based on racism or natives would only deny the equal access to opportunities for immigrants to achieve the American dream. Nativists are campaigning for tighter immigration restrictions because all of the Latino/as, particularly the MexicansRead MoreContemporary Issues Stemming From Racial Oppression787 Words   |  4 Pagesfeel adverse to diversity, and this has resulted in most of them feeling dislike for students that are different than them. 6. What racist practices was I taught in school? A. A major practice that was perpetrated within my school would be aversive racism; in which race was not discussed, and if it was would result in little or no changes to some of the racist practices. Oftentimes people within my community would look for ways to avoid talking directly about race; however would make ill-suited jokesRead MoreImmigration In The 19th Century Essay895 Words   |  4 Pagesmade up as much as 70 percent of all immigrants. This is a dramatic increase considering that in midcentury these immigrants only made up 1 percent of the immigrant population. This overhaul of new immigrants led to severe hostility, bias, and nativism. Nativism is the belief that native-born white Americans were superior to newcomers. Competition for jobs and housing had never been higher in the late 19th century. America was in an economic recession and most immigrants were willing to work for muchRead MoreRacism : African American Land And African Slave Trade900 Words   |  4 Pages Racism is a quandary that’s all too familiar in our modern society. It’s an issue that dates back thousands of years and is very much noticeable in American history. Since the domination of Native American land and African Slave Trade, we’ve come a long way, but racism still has a lingering presence and perhaps always will. The years between 1870 and 1900 began the age of segregation. The late 19th century in the US involved the increase of both nativism and racism. White supremacy lasted with traditions